ancient is

Sophia Wood
2 min readJun 26, 2022

generative art + haiku

ancient is the light

that pierces the firmament

with thoughts of distance

ancient is the cloud

that wraps us in existence

a breath that is shared

ancient is the dust

that is our substance — in which

we occupy space

ancient is the pull

of gravity — it grounds us

to this condition

ancient is the thought

of what is present and now —

to be of a mind

ancient is the growth

that expands from within us —

expands beyond us

ancient is the void

an emptiness we can find

by looking straight up

ancient is the red —

the blue — that calls us to muse

before creation

ancient is the branch

of decisions — what can be

— an infinity

ancient is the pulse

our frequency — resonance

unique — temporal

ancient is the dance

of orbiting bodies — love

a well within space

This collection of generative art was created in p5.js (full page is here). Each image is unique. Click to change (“s” to save).



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