at the ocean’s edge

This is the seventh set of haiku from my daily practice started on January 1st, 2021. The previous set is is here. I publish a new set every 19 days. Enjoy!

I was late for lunch

hummingbird stopped me to talk

of the kale flowers

cherry blossom swirls

turbulence with breath, movement

what currents we make

you must bury things

before you can grow; anew

life is letting go

light offers shadows

the silhouettes that reveal


sometimes it’s the clouds

that provide us with brilliance

wispy tufts of grace

when is it, you ask

the negative space becomes

positive? a shift

seek out your zeros

those intersections in self

ready to be filled

gratitude sneaks up

in quite moments of breath

the awe of it all

a swallow ballet

swooping, dancing, and diving

violet, green flight

just a breath away

from an utter nakedness

revealing true form

be the blank canvas

that calls for all the pigments

evolve into art

we live in these loops

mandalas of all our time

living in circles

an insane loudness

silences itself only

at the ocean’s edge

your feet hold freedom

to run, prance through life’s meadows,

paths, trails of wonder

the weight of a cloud

immense, vast, ocean of mist

catches the sun’s rays

we all can transform

translate, reflect, rotate and

we even dilate

the outline of death

struck down by the weight of ice

the remnants of life

the fractals of us

better plotted in polar

days, loops, through the years

I feel this blanket

that wraps me in warmth and love

everywhere I go



Math obsessed perpetual asker of why. Creator of poetry, code, math, and art. find me at or Salem, OR

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