Bring Brown Creepers to Focus

This is the fifth set of haiku from my daily practice started January 1st, 2021. The previous set is is here. I publish a new set every 19 days. Enjoy!

a forest burned shows

the skeletal curvature

flesh removed from earth

I am condensate

dew that has settled on life

destined for the soil

those moments of pause

bring brown creepers to focus

camouflage now seen

I see reflection

homeomorphic tree tops

painted in puddles

to be a raven

to play in the winds of life

closer to the light

vestiges of trees

swept away — a tide of men

only roots remain

non-linear time

you are like honey and light

a trickle, a gush

the ease to forget

that we are but on a speck

in a universe

trees churn with current

rooted, wooden, in whirlpools

centuries of flow

walking random paths

looking for meaning, we see


I have a fixed point

but my distance grows in time

evolving conchoid

I try to let storms

blow through me and around me

but, sometimes I break

abundance flowing

my vessel is full of life

when I am present

trees dip their big toes

into the streams of the sky

manifest eddies

lichen brings color

composite life of crutose

a vibrant puddle

a spiral beauty

rotational symmetry

perfection in life

I have had to change

change my radius of thought

to find happiness

a new path is found

it was always here — ready

now realized and walked

night time thoughts bring focus

moonlit branches projected

vivid silouettes

Sophia is a mathematician, artist, engineer, writer and more. She schools her three children at home and creates content for her classes and

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