Cinquains for the Oregon Fawn-Lily

of six

broad beams — petals

light — reaching out to touch

all the precious life in the wood

with warmth


your midnight dance

of swirling rhythms — dreams

manifests your inner being

in light


yourself to this

to this life , this bounty

breathe in beautiful abundance

of now

I long

to be so small

to repose beneath your

sheltering petal canopy

and pause

you bow

your beautiful

little head in the rain

to soak in the quiet small drops

of clouds

this path

is sprinkled with

the sunshine of your kin

golden petals before purple



upon this floor

within silent forest

speak of life ready to emerge

in spring


to whisper here

among the roots of trees

a constellation — luminance

as one

you smile

at the good Earth

with no need to look up

because you are oh-so content

right here


your little stem

sits among giant fir

and yet — they frame your radiance

and grace

Photos taken over the last few weeks in Bush Park and on the Croisan Creek Trail in Salem, Oregon. Erythronium oregonum (Oregon fawn-lily) bloom right before the Camas and alongside the trilliums.



Math obsessed perpetual asker of why. Creator of poetry, code, math, and art. find me at or Salem, OR

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