clouds splash on my feet

Sophia Wood
3 min readJan 19, 2021

I have started the practice of writing a haiku or a haiku style poem every single day. This practice is a break from the noise and brings me focus. The breadcrumbs of consciousness and present-moment awareness are more easily found when I take a moment to write. The winter rose on my walk, the reflection of light in the puddles, and the sound of my daughter’s violin drifting down the stairs all stay in the front of my mind when I know I will write.

I plan to publish some of these moments on medium every 19 days. Why 19? Well, I love math and 19 x 19 is 361, which is the largest square number to fit into 365. Enjoy!

sky sits on the ground

contained within the puddles

clouds splash on my feet

a beautiful Run

crows in puddles and in trees

watch me; smile at me

rain in the winter

closest to the sun today

hide aphelion

in my cup, coffee

smell, taste of being awake

today, good morning!

wake up to a hug

pink Clouds wrap around my eyes

good morning Glory

winter sun gives hints

like a love note in the morn

I glow in the warmth

hoya of Nana

generations green and full

blooming in my sill

a foggy morning

faint branches in a white sea

like old memories

fog again today

the same and yet different

fractal winter days

wind gusts bending trees

hummingbird stands firm and still

strength in this small life

teaching math all day

sine, cosine, tangents and more

it is my function

swimming in a sea

droplets, the bubbles in air

fog rolls in like tide

pentagonal life

perfect, beautiful flowers

beauty does abound

the silver lining

orchid blooming for a year

beauty in my home

my townsend warbler

yellow streaks in my backyard

a glow in winter

like a fluffy whip

but chaotic and angry

the squirrel tail scolds

this path is flooded

with a moment — reflection

to then turn around

the base of thirteen

would be an interesting

thought our units

why isn’t solstace

the year’s end or beginning

are we not of space?



Sophia Wood

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