cobbles at high tide

In January, I started something new. I published my first set of haiku as part of a daily practice. I wrote, “This practice is a break from the noise and brings me focus. The breadcrumbs of consciousness and present-moment awareness are more easily found when I take a moment to write. ”

This still holds true. I live my life different when I look at it through a lens of poetry on a daily basis. This is the 19th set of publishing every 19 days, and is the last set for 2021. Enjoy!

you’re my paradox

coastline measured by atom

finite — infinite

oh, oyster catcher

do seek out that which blends in

bring us forth those pearls

a light of guidance

does not point its beam at you

instead, it drops hints

the clouds and the sea

pull me to that single point

a focus within

there exists nothing

like the sound of waves pulling

cobbles at high tide

just make sure that you

seize those moments that make you

utterly alive

be the horizon

grab the celestial light

at your ocean’s edge

I see sentinels

they guard their posts — stand ready

in hopes of french fries

dive deep into waves

and find they are but water

connected to Earth

I saw the blue mass

of this precious blue planet

leap up to kiss sky

a vector on wind

with the magnitude of life

direction of change

imagine being

that crest of water — a wave

that just catches light

so many curves here

arcs of me, of time — being

the universe rounds

grab the sky and loam

place them in your mind’s pocket

to have them always

dim the light with fog

so you can hear the whispers

of what surrounds you

to connect with you

I will reach with all my time

for it’s what I have

the muddy puddles

can reflect heavenly light

you just have to look

your little footprints

fill my soul with joy,love. In

this brief existence

a flurry of white

swirls in your radiant light

calling you to dance

I plan to continue my practice into the next year, but I may change it some. I am also contemplating a compilation for 2021 — stay tuned. Thank you for reading.



Math obsessed perpetual asker of why. Creator of poetry, code, math, and art. find me at or Salem, OR

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