deep in morning thought

Sophia Wood
3 min readSep 1, 2022

summer birds+haiku

ruffle your feathers

and speak to the entire earth

of this great blue sky

between these shadows

seek the fruit of the forest

next to light puddles

gravity ceases

when what you seek requires a

little inversion

some sunshine hides here

amongst the greenest of leaves

secrets of the trees

now tip your head back

and savor the cool waters

of this sunny day

standing on this point

ponder your being among

all that will become

reach down and stretch far

to nibble on the petals

of this summer kale

the smallest of us

can fill the garden — flitting

with intensity

tuck in your treasure

place it in holes of oak trees

and call out in joy

I want to be this —

this beautiful sunflower

to bloom in sunbeams

you pretty baby

with your pinfeathers and your

little hop — such joy

acorn woodpeckers

how your call delights — the sound!

a laughter from trees

take that tiny seed

and cache it in this garden

so that it will grow

I see you — right there

sipping the dew from these leaves

deep in morning thought

your little feathers

bring these moments of such peace

— stillness of being



Sophia Wood

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