drops encompass me

This is the twenty-second set of haiku from my daily practice that started on January 1st, 2021. Enjoy! The last set is here.

you drape down — from up
almost as if you desire
heaven and the Earth

the most shadowed trail
will still have footsteps of light
contrast on our path

there are these night skies
that make you feel like you’re on
another planet

Earth has silhouettes
infinite, ever-changing

sing to the kitties
when you enter the forest
that stands still and dark

this junction of ray
and your fractal being — now
goes — as you orbit

I know this portal
locked within is history
I have passed this past

I am sorry friend
that you stand alone out here
I will sit with you

thirty little squares
make this icosahedron
origami joy

so, obviously
you have been trained to lure us
with your fluff and stance

you have the widest
reach with those ancient branches
forest holding hands

this small white primrose
whispered to my deepest self
of growth beneath soil

I folded this crane
to put a thought of peace here
and then held my breath

on a walkabout
pause to see the warp and weft
of life around you

your little hands here
hold what is precious and clear
to the morning beams

when you are present
ev’ryone becomes silent
until you take flight

there is no limit
for the number of poems
to this small flower

and so, here I am
in the rain beneath this sky
drops encompass me



Math obsessed perpetual asker of why. Creator of poetry, code, math, and art. find me at https://fractalkitty.com/ or https://linktr.ee/fractalkitty. Salem, OR

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