in my coffee cup

This is the eleventh set of haiku from my daily practice started on January 1st, 2021. The previous set is here. I publish a new set every 19 days. Enjoy!

when between two rocks

lift into the sky above

with all of your heart

fractions of flowers

stretch out from golden circles

Pisano petals

ocean sand ridges

paint the histories of tides

and then sweep away

she removes her veil

revealing ancient forest

vestige roots of time

heart rate integrals

could sum the beats of a life

critical moments

strands of life do hang

in helical curls catching

filtered solar light

this year you have bloomed

to remind me of your laugh,

smile, and hands. Nana

you chase in the tree

you yell and fight over it

that small piece of moss

you taught me the words

moments learning the flowers

an umbellifer

on my forest runs

accidental flushing dog

birds flit from my path

look closely on trails

for the hidden forest doors

that lead to wonder

the simplest joy

of dancing curves of sunshine

in my coffee cup

butterfly vortex

flutters and swirls before me

I want to fly in

the color palettes

of an origami quilt

are much to ponder

evening clouds whisper

of the day, of tomorrow

of this time right now

a beautiful gift

to sit and watch little swifts

ajar to the world

when I’m dead and gone

the best gift I could give you

is to leave no trace

“it’s the hill your on”

absolutely wonderful

when you get to peak

self portraits are tough

that’s why we should all do them

mirrors for inside



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