of time and cosmos

Sophia Wood
4 min readOct 1, 2022

A collection of 31 pairings from Mathober 2022.

drafting fibers — spin

and weave an intersection

of time and cosmos


is relative to your time

and position here

with your piece of chalk

connect with the oldest light

projected and seen

peer into windows

of the dissection of self

— area arranged

distances preserved

folding with waves — connected

dimensions of you

loop strands of your thoughts

into hyperbolic dreams

edges — infinite

resonate with stars

conduit of frequency

a tone of aether

there is truth within

covariance — we are all

brief observers here


– or real — our identity

is complex — wondrous


within you — and existence

life’s little fractals

what’s on your surface

derives from within — vessel

an integral self

morphisms of words

dance in realms of poetry

– but paintings in thought

the river of thought —

mind can be bridged with presence

still — in awareness

the finite becomes

infinite with but a thought

paradox of mind

patterns of thought — mind

create swatches of fabric

to quilt your essence

release your vessel

into rivers that pull you

for time is fleeting

swing from the strands from

which this existence is made

– soaring with delight

we all orbit here

on this annulus of time

leaving stardust trails

reflections over

our identity leave us

an inverse of self

weave the tapestry

from your innermost being

to drape over time

rays of light bounce — bend

into shells of thought — now swim

in oceans of mind

breathe in and breathe out

together you are but one

reciprocal breath

now, braid together

baskets to hold your shiny

thoughts, patterns, musings

your north and your south

bound you in your sphere, while moons

pull your tides — ebb — flow

packing orbs of thought

potential microcosms

waiting to expand

contemplate this state

and all of the dimensions

that we do not know

early memories

of connecting stars — or dots

bounding sets of thoughts

strike a tone within

of single-pointed thought — breathe

listen to that space

before and after

let the wave wash through you — now


noise is the snowflake

brushing the sound on this path

–a trail in the dust

from gas to solid

and back again to the stars

you are — lemniscate

This is for mathober2022 —and will be updated throughout the month.



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