This is the tenth set of haiku from my daily practice started on January 1st, 2021. The previous set is is here. I publish a new set every 19 days. Enjoy!

a vortex caught me

I was enmeshed in spirals

on the forest floor

long shadows pull me

from any doubt or sadness

to the long light rays

a Fermat spiral

lured me from my dreams last night

thoughts wrapped around me

gossamer catches

the light of the sun and moon

and then scintillates

revert to a child

and savor those ripe berries

crouched in the garden

my Nana does speak

from the evening robins’ beaks

singing of glory

I see you, right there

beneath the trees, sun, and moon

ready to unfurl

immerse all of you

into the day’s sublime blooms

utter abundance

who would have thought that

flowers’ beauty marks exist?


let us hold it all

the weight gives way for the light

contrast is but life

I feel all the strands

there’s hundreds of finish lines

across our life’s trails

squeeze through the portal

between points into a void

with the deltoid curve

sometimes do you feel

like folded origami?

relax your creases

ducklings form a mass

of little feathers and down

trailing a mother

bees bring such a joy

gardens smile at their presence

transforming in growth

perspectives give us

a way to see each other

hope for unity

in a full orbit

our view is from a plane, yet

like a point in space

like the heat bubble

I feel their anxiety

dreading suffering



Math obsessed perpetual asker of why. Creator of poetry, code, math, and art. find me at https://fractalkitty.com/ or https://linktr.ee/fractalkitty. Salem, OR

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