see the underneath

This is the fourth set of haiku from my daily practice started January 1st, 2021. The previous set is is here. I publish a new set every 19 days. Enjoy!

yellow river sky

in fall you came, but no more

tributaries — gone

on the wire, one wire

one crow sits; a single Om

resonant with us

point under the sky

vector fields of stick and cloth

show her vortices

council of the crows

rupture with flight and chorus

choices have been made

see the underneath

the silhouettes of anthers

are manifested

the gurgling crows

to each other, back and forth

what poems they speak

the seven of them

together in flight and tree

an aerie of grace

oh, cedar waxwings

gulping berries at sun set

you bring me such joy

pull that little string

that will lead you down that path

a trail for thinking

life shows its beauty

the tiny details abound

within all of this

tree prior to storm

I know you. my friend.

still budding though you lay down

cherish these last leaves

lift yourself with breath

in and out of your being

a moment will do

just folding paper

creates dragon curve beauty

spirals of corners

the sea leaves presents

precious tokens, and small hints

from a hidden world

we architect webs

strands of kindness, grace, and love

parametric us

I hugged my mother

I embraced every moment

we have ever had

great white fawn lily

looking down, your tender roots

beneath your breath — “spring”

even the strongest

will become covered with moss

when alone with time

I am now learning

how to play, to be a child

play means letting go



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