tangent to this world

pussywillow tufts with a sky in the backgroun

these tufts of stamens

make pollen eddies in winds

vertices of spring

walnut fragments stuffed into sapsucker holes in a walnut tree

walnuts cached by birds

stuffed in trees like pigeon holes

but too plump to share

a coopers hawk, almost in shadow

hello my cooper’s

I see you, out on your limb

tangent to this world

a beach, with the sky reflected

when the Earth reflects

the sky from its spherical

lens, you manifest

sea anemones underwater — pink and white

your soft little arms

dance as the land touches sea

silent melodies

cluster of barnacles

this — your density

of patterns — cling to hard stones

in shells of held breath

looking up through a dead tree, a beam of light cuts through a crack

within you — through death

a revelation of light

is what you become

A cedar tree with roots high above the floor of the forest

your roots don’t always

stay buried deep in the loam

you might take a walk

white trillium

oh, my trillium

your sweet little face greets me

with the deepest smile

a cloud with opalescent appearance with a blue sky

as we pass from one

state to another — just think

water is water

a madrone leaf laced with leaf miner trails

your random walk here

has left a silver lattice

of your history

camas lilies in full bloom — purple star-like flowers

the purple camas

have revealed themselves today

a violet joy

cherry tree puffs of flowers with a sky in the background

limbs of pink flowers

conduct a symphony — of

busy buzzing bees

looking up at a bald cypress that is getting its spring needles

cypress, my dear friend

your deciduous-self is

exploding with green

looking up at a fern growing from a cypress tree

your ability

to reach with your whole being

for light — is wonder

false solomon’s seal flower — white explosion of stamens

I just don’t know why

a beauty like you, should be

named anything false

a tire hanging from a large leaf maple

there’s a torus here

bound to a large leaf maple

that knows the earth turns

a fiddlehead of a fern

your fiddle solo

is astonishing beauty

on this forest floor

three trillium leaves

not all of us bloom

color can detract — distract

from this — our structure

a bubble in a puddle

raindrops make you feel

the cold wet firmament — now

you feel so alive



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