temporal beings

This is the twenty-first set of haiku from my daily practice that started on January 1st, 2021. I publish a new set every 19 days. Enjoy! Last month’s set is here.

Sun reflections on a beach

breadcrumbs of sunbeams

lead you to the horizon

of an inner light

companion within

together in solitude

at the shore of soul

a tide of forest

echoes with branches in streams

temporal beings

even in our death

we may spring forth foliage

out of what remains

what seems like chaos

might be — organized — perfect

beyond what we grasp

I think that you must

run your fingers through this sand

to find what is deep

could this day just be

painted for you — offering

a breath of color

shoes of sand and moss

cushion your steps as you run

joyfully alive

now, lessen yourself

below the grasses of thought

be in quiet awe

your life has texture

of earth and aether — of self

and empty of self

you play when hidden

converse in intimate joy

‘fore you fly away

shadows stretch across

the dunes of me — parallel

conforming to curve

separate you stand

in an ocean of currents

glorious — alone

I see this window

it appears, just at my feet

of another Earth

reminders of love

sprout from every atom

of this universe

little hummingbird

be the leaf on winter’s tree

and sing of the spring

thank you my river

for receding from my path

so that I may flow

I feel the evening

approach ing— and yet you’re here

to tuck me in — dream

messengers of trees

whisper of white oaks and fir

of growth and decay



Math obsessed perpetual asker of why. Creator of poetry, code, math, and art. find me at https://fractalkitty.com/ or https://linktr.ee/fractalkitty. Salem, OR

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