Toggled Existence

Sophia Wood
1 min readJun 7


A coded poem

let aCenterOfBeing; //we are but canvases with centers and symmetry
let strandsOfThought = []; //that hold strands - threads of thought
let memories = []; //separate from memory
let timeOfMemory = 0; //memories have a shelf life
let timeOfThought = 0; //thoughts are but moments of mind
let timeOfCurrent = 0; //currents flow around us - carry us - true time
let gourami = 100; //understand fish as we understand our capacity for memories - a sea unknown
let motionOfMemory = true;
let motionOfThought = true;
let motionOfUniverse = true;
function setup() {
createCanvas(720, 720); //a canvas to be forgotten
aCenterOfBeing = width / 2;
originOfThought(); //we all begin
originOfMemory(); //and sometimes remember
function draw() {
translate(width / 2, height / 2); //with a position relative
background(20); //light is relative
flowOfTime(); //the current of time is relative
theExistenceOfThought(); //thought is relative
theExistenceOfMemory(); //memory is relative
togglesOfTime(); //until it's not
function togglesOfTime() {...}
function theExistenceOfMemory() {...}
function originOfMemory() {...}
function theExistenceOfThought() {...}
function originOfThought() {...}
function flowOfTime() {...}
function mousePressed() {...}

Three toggles exist at the bottom of the canvas. Full code and art is on Codepen and below.



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