treasure every step

Sophia Wood
3 min readMay 9, 2022

A set of haiku from a walk at Silver Falls State park in Oregon on May 1, 2022.

the edge of north falls from the side at the top pouring over the edge

at the edge of this

your abundance flows over

full is my vessel

a front shot of north falls

your creative force

sculpts the hardest stone — of Earth

into breathlessness

when crossing a bridge —

pause in the puddles of light

and listen to life

what do you speak of

all the way up there — among

your dear ancient friends?

White blooming trillium in desaturated image growing on forest floor

you are a beacon

of the inner precious growth

out of the remnants

you are here — a life

at the foot of your dear kin

remember beauty

the braided water

traces the fractals of time

to return one day

I long to become

a flowing river — sans thought

and ever present

a trail that lead to a waterfall in a canyon forest

your path has an end

and it is just glorious —

treasure every step

fully flowing waterfall and its pool of turbulent flow

your power mists me

with rainbow drops of sunlight —

overwhelming love

view from under the waterfall — a veil of water

the echo of you

resonates through me — my core

from behind this veil

a shot of a waterfall looking up from behind the veil

find a place in time

lean against the walls of self

merge into nothing

in your abundance

the most intricate beings

can become — exist

a waterfall flowing over in almost a rectangular fall

you bend with the pull

of the deep ground — beneath you

to trace paths of rock

there might be this pool

between two falls of water

that you will find me

when the light hits you —

open yourself to — this day

and bloom forth beauty



Sophia Wood

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