with grains of pollen

This is the ninth set of haiku from my daily practice started on January 1st, 2021. The previous set is is here. I publish a new set every 19 days. Enjoy!

you still have that dream

of flight above all of it

to feel the cloud’s breath

dynamic systems

within your life bring chaos

absolute beauty

younger me playing the piano
Younger me coping with a head trauma/loss of left ear through piano

what once brought me joy

has become an impetus

ringing in my head

we perch at the top

on dead branches among clouds

so we can perceive

with no dimension

you can be a single point

to be a focus

love gutter bubbles

perfect hemispheres reflect

they show us the sky

I just glimpsed the light

another reality

shining through the ground

you ensure the life

that surrounds us all, will grow

with grains of pollen

you gather to speak

together like wolves that howl

in waves of cawing

play brings character

and the unexpected joy

to the norms of life

the forget-me-nots

are now weeks past their season

brightening shadows

you were in my hands

tiny feet, before you died

little chickadee

our feathers tell us

stories of chases, of flight

ruffles in our time

see generations

in one sedum, young to old

in growth together

do we flock like Boids?

cohesion yet separate

and staying aligned

you do amaze me

finding your way without sight

holding tight; reaching

baby nuthatches

quivering with their cuteness

sit now before me

when I am running

I do feel incredibly free

to dwell within me

my orchid’s face me

maybe all flowers do this

the ones that I see



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