whispering of blue

Sophia Wood
3 min readFeb 8, 2021

This is the second set of haiku from my daily practice started January 1st, 2021. The previous set is here. This practice has brought more awareness throughout my days of the poetic beauty that surrounds me. Enjoy!

paths beneath my feet

nodes in the past and future

graphs of my being

crow grabs the sunlight

warmth catching the top branches

black feathers at dusk

faint little circle

partially obscured by sky

branches reach, yearning

early morning song

vibrato pierces the morn

birds rouse the whole earth

tip top, fir tree crow

claim the branch, caw to below

announce the sunset

images within

vivid inner gratitude

a place to gather

twisted growth, out, up

holding sky with tangled limbs

silhouette white oak

look up — perspective

cedars converge together

whispering of blue

beauty in my mind

look inwards with boundlessness

uncountable, be

ribbons of fungus

gossamer laced water beads

life’s intricacies

modest are the trees

moss draping over branches

hidden is the wood

splashing in pure joy

immersing in the moment

in the now of life

three generations

together, watching the birds

quiet etched in time

black, soft, powder stick

the raw transforms to beauty

charcoal to paper


crows checking under each leaf

p of finding nuts

here, nested circles

ripples from raindrops expand

glitches in water

the various V’s

configurations of flight

absolute values

yellow-rumped warbler

flit, fly, jump, play — pierce the gray

harbinger of spring

together we play

such precious time in this life

learning quarantunes



Sophia Wood

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